New Power for 737LM

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It has been a long process but 7LM is new (or at least rebuilt) from the firewall forward.

7LM Engine

This makes for a great travelling machine.  Flight plan for 145 kts TAS on 13.5 gallons per hour and haul 750 lbs of people and stuff 500+ miles.  Need longer legs? No problem, trade some weight for up to 22 more gallons of fuel and dial it back a bit you can go a long way!

Throw some camping gear in and enjoy nearby campgrounds, head to a fly-in, or plan on Oshkosh!

It made a great way to enjoy AOPA Indy Regional Fly-in without having to join the flying circus on final approach Saturday morning!

7LM Camping

Get with your instructor and get checked out.  Don’t have your endorsements yet?  Take this opportunity to get your high-performance and complex sign-offs at the same time!