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Our club has several members who are Certified Flight Instructors. Additionally, there are approved partnerships with several Certified Flight Instructors that offer affordable, individualized training for a variety of certification levels:

Joe Cook (CFII – Member)All Aircraft248-709-1459lake8003q@gmail.com
Dave Starnes (CFII – Member)All Aircraft248-217-1744dstarnes92@yahoo.com
Greg Redding (CFII – Associate)All Aircraft248 622-6460skypilot1988@gmail.com
Scott Anttila (CFI – Associate)All Aircraft248 890-5256scott.anttila@gmail.com
Brian Tolan (CFI – Associate)All Aircraft810-300-4177tolanbrian@yahoo.com

Troy Oakland Pilots does not employ flight instructors or act as a flight school. All flight instruction is directly contracted between the member and instructor.