“Joining TOPS was my best flying decision years.  I now have easy access to all 4 TOPS aircraft. Joining the club was painless and affordable.” (Dave Scott, new member 2016 TOPS Flying Club)

TOPS Flying Club welcomes new members.  The cost to join is only $ 1,860, $ 1,750 of which is your deposit.   Most clubs charge thousands to join forcing you to purchase equity in the club aircraft.  Then your stuck as the only way to leave the club is to sell your equity to another pilot which can take months or even years.  When you join TOPS Flying Club you’re not locked into a membership.  That said a vast majority of our members stay with the club year after year.

As they say, membership has it’s privileges.  At TOPS that includes access to 4 reliable well equipped airplanes, low monthly dues $ 75 per month (this includes your insurance), access to club flight instructors,  and regular social activities where members gather to discuss safety, piloting skills, and tell a tale or two.  It’s all good fun and an excellent environment that encourages pilot to pilot interaction.

Ready to join,  CLICK HERE and we’ll contact you right away !